These are the talks held at pkgsrcCon 2004.

[BL1] buildlink3, Part 1: Philosophy and Methodology

[60 min] This presentation introduces the problem of getting consistent, repeatable builds of software within pkgsrc regardless of what other packages are installed, and how buildlink3 attempts to solve this in a portable way. The "buildlink" philosophy will be presented in-depth, along with a side discussion of the compiler selection framework and how it complements the goals of buildlink3.

Presenter: Johnny C. Lam <>
Slides (261kB)

[BL2] buildlink3, Part 2: Implementation

[60 min] This presentation is an in-depth look at the implementation of buildlink3 in pkgsrc. This includes the nitty-gritty implementation details of the buildlink3 wrapper scripts, the internals of, and how buildlink3 is designed to work with pkgviews.

Presenter: Johnny C. Lam <>
Slides (378kB)

[CB] Cross-building packages

[30 min] This presentation describes how to cross-build most packages in an efficient way, without any need to modify the packages' build systems.

Presenter: Krister Walfridsson <>

[CP] Using pkgsrc on Solaris, Linux and NetBSD

[60 min] This presentation is mostly intended towards pkgsrc users especially on non-NetBSD-platforms. Presentation includes problems in installing software on Unix "the traditional way", especially given modern interaction between components. After discussing use-cases and possible solutions, pkgsrc is introduced as a way to solve the named problems in a portable, cross-platform way. An example installation of pkgsrc on Linux is shown with special attention for installation without system (root) privileges. Following that is a brief overview of using pkgsrc to install and manage packages as well as what packages are available.

Presenter: Hubert Feyrer <>
Slides (23MB)

[PV1] Introduction to Package Views

[30 min] This presentation introduces the concept of "package views". Package views is a pkgsrc technology that supports building and installing multiple versions of the same software such that they co-exist on a single system.

Presenter: Alistair Crooks <>
Slides (176kB)

[PV2] pkgviews

[60 min] This presentation covers pkgviews, an implementation of package views in pkgsrc. I will describe how the pkg_install tools were extended to allow migrating from a traditional pkgsrc setup to a pkgviews pkgsrc setup. The parts in related to pkgviews will also be covered in-depth. The presentation will wrap up with important unresolved design issues in pkgviews related to tightly interdependent packages.

Presenter: Johnny C. Lam <>
Slides (418kB)

[R1] Things I Think Are Broken And That I'd Like To Fix

[60 min] This presentation covers some problems I've noted the time I've spent as a pkgsrc developer. I will propose possible solutions that I've thought up to these problems but haven't had time to implement and end with a short Q&A session with the audience on the proposed solutions.

Presenter: Johnny C. Lam <>
Slides (154kB)

[R2] Roadmap For The Future

[30 min] The presentation is intended to provide guidance on the future direction of pkgsrc development. Areas will be noted where pkgsrc falls behind other packaging systems: number of packages, decent releases, packaging tools, visibility, etc. A rough plan for the future will be discussed that will help pkgsrc to overcome these shortcomings.

Presenter: Alistair Crooks <>
Slides (206kB)

[WIP] pkgsrc-wip

[30 min] This presentation is a short introduction into the history and the current state of pkgsrc-wip, and how users and developers (not only of NetBSD) both can profit from it.

Presenter: Thomas Klausner <>
Slides (46kB)

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