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Plenty of useful information for visitors to Vienna is provided by the city of Vienna and the Vienna Tourist Board. The conference site is the Vienna University of Technology, which according to this map is located in 4th district just south of the city center off the U4 underground.


Some local hotel information for Vienna can be found at Time Out. One recommended hostel is Youth Hostel Hütteldorf-Hacking, which is 20 minutes via the U4 underground from the city center of Vienna.


For European residents, the following airlines and railways have relatively inexpensive routes to Vienna:

  • SkyEurope is flying to Bratislava starting from 25 EUR one-way; the train ticket to Vienna is 10 EUR one-way.
  • Ryanair flies from London-Stansted to Linz or Graz starting from £1.29; the train ticket to Vienna is about 20 EUR one-way.
  • Germanwings flies to from London-Stansted to Cologne starting at £4; from Cologne to Vienna starts at 47 EUR.
  • Germania Express offers flights to Vienna from Berlin-Tempelhof, Hamburg, and Munich.
  • German Railway is offering Night Train journeys to Vienna from Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, or any stop in between starting from 29 EUR.
  • Duo flies from Birmingham, UK to Vienna for £65 (one way).
  • Polish Railways runs from Warsaw to Vienna for around 480.00 PLN (120 EUR) for a round-trip ticket; shortest travel time is 7 hr 32 min.
  • Round-trip flights from Warsaw to Vienna are around 1,400 PLN (350 eur), tax included; the flight time is 4 hours.
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