pkgsrcCon 2004

pkgsrcCon is a technical conference for people working on the NetBSD Packages Collection (pkgsrc), focusing on existing technologies, research projects, and works-in-progress in pkgsrc infrastructure. Developers, contributors, and users are all welcome to attend.

Where?Vienna, Austria
When?April 30 - May 2, 2004
Who?Developers and users of pkgsrc
Venue Institute for Discrete Math and Geometry
at Vienna University of Technology

Registration is required for attendance. The conference is purposely low-overhead: there is no conference fee, and all beverages and snacks are expected to be attendee-supplied.

News and Announcements

7 May 2004
  • Thanks to everyone for a successful pkgsrcCon! Slides for the presentations are available on the presentations page.
25 April 2004
  • The schedule has been amended to include a missing presentation on Sunday.
8 April 2004
24 March 2004
  • The final schedule of presentations has been posted.
  • The Friday schedule has been slightly revised to insert a registration period and a discussion period.
  • There will be no conference fee - other arrangements have been made with the university.
17 March 2004
  • A small conference fee will be collected on-site and donated to TU Wien for the use of their facilities.
9 March 2004
  • The travel section has been updated with hotel information and also includes more information for travellers from Germany.
  • A list of registered attendees has also been added to the registration page.
8 March 2004
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