Recent changes to this wiki:

Add a news entry for pkgsrc-2019Q4
index: point to 2019Q4
git rebase -i is not compatible with --committer-date-is-author-date.
Reported by Kai-Uwe Eckhardt.
note qemu sparc64 glib2 issue
freeze is over
2019Q4 freeze is on.
Link to release announcement.
2019Q3 cut
pkgsrc freeze is over
Freeze is on.
Use for anchor to IRIX
Problem reported by Wolfgang Stukenbrock via WWW feedback form
Update reference to latest pkgsrc stable release.
Problem noticed by Noryungi via pkgsrc-users@, thanks!
Add pkgsrc-2019Q2 news entry
2019Q2 freeze end.
In freeze for pkgsrc-2019Q2
Publish new pkgsrc-security key.
Update stable branch reference to 2019Q1.
Noted by Noryungi on pkgsrc-users.
Add pkgsrc-2019Q1 news entry
No longer in freeze for 2019Q1
We're frozen for 2019Q1.
In send-pr web form the synopsis is known as `One line summary of the problem',
clarify that (and keep `Synposis' in parenthesis).
Reported by J. Lewis Muir via PR pkg/54014.
Fix a typo, reported by J. Lewis Muir via PR pkg/54013
Move platform count to sentence 2.
Include 2018Q4 package and platform count in opening sentence.
Welcome to 2019!
Add news for 2018Q4 branch
stable branch is 2018Q4 (announcement will follow)
Freeze is over.
Freeze is ON
update the wip server key to the currently used ED25519 one.
Add 2018Q3 news and update reference to latest stable release.
pkgsrc is no longer frozen.
We're frozen for 2018Q3.
Add the news 2018Q2 is released.
bump stable version
no freeze is on
Frozen for 2018Q2.
More signatures on p-s key.
Publish new key.
Release 2018Q1.
pkgsrc-2018Q1 freeze has ended.
Frozen for 2018Q1.
Belatedly add a link to the 2017Q4 release announcement.
missed 2018 update
Fix typo in link
Add link to NetBSD wiki pkgsrc section
news/2017Q4: Add proto-announcement
index.mdwn: change branch to 2017Q4
Store freeze text for later use
(This is in a file not linked from others, named extra, and labeled as
just saved text.)
Freeze is over.
pkgsrc is frozen for 2017Q4
Update another latest stable link.
Pointed out by mrtadis via #pkgsrc @ Freenode, thanks!
Add a news about pkgsrc-2017Q3 release.
2017Q3 freeze is over.
pkgsrc is frozen for 2017Q3
rollback geneva font change
move Geneva to the front of the fonts
bring copyright up to date
Latest release is 2017Q2.
Why can't this information be entered in one place and progated everywhere?
2017Q2 release announcement
pkgsrc is no longer frozen for 2017Q2.
pkgsrc is frozen for 2017Q2
new pkgsrc-security key
Fix run-on sentence
Link announcement.
Fix typo.
Mention 2017Q1.
Update stable branch
Add news about 2017Q1
minus the release announcement which does not yet exist.
Note that pkgsrc is not in freeze
2017Q1 freeze started
2016Q4 out.
Freeze is off.
freeze is on
Very belatedly announce 2016Q3 here too.
Fix typo.
Add a reference to gittutorial(7) and gittutorial-2(7) as a possible
introduction to git.
add 2016Q3 announcement
pkgsrc-2016Q3 has been branched
We are frozen for pkgsrc-2016Q3.
2016Q2 announced.
pkgsrc-2016Q2 freeze has finished.
In freeze for 2016Q2!
update ftp links to use cdn
Put latest pkgsrc-security key here as well.
pkgsrc-2016Q1 released.
note that the current release is 2016Q4 for agc@
freeze is off
Freeze for 2016Q1!
Link to the hardening page
Add pkgsrc-security key, and add a security paragraph to main page.
Prompted by riastradh.
pkgsrc-current crossed the 17000 package mark a while back and now nearing the
18000 cross line.
Fix a wrong word, and remove punctuation from commit message's subject
Add SHA256 for wip SSH key, from Thomas Orgis.
latest stable is now 2015Q4
add news item for 2015Q4
s/2015/2016/ # ...and happy New Year from the pkgsrc-wiki too!
pkgsrc-2015Q4 has been branched, freeze is over.
We are in freeze for pkgsrc-2015Q4.
Mention the rough package count, based on the 2015Q3 release notes.
Fix commit messages etiquette in order to be consistent with
wip/ (and while here also improve the update commit message
Thanks to Mateusz Poszwa for noticing that!