Recent changes to this wiki:

quarterly: Fix typo, and note new packges.
Mention that new branches sometimes have newly-added packages, and
that a package can build that did not build on the previous branch.
The text previously gave the incorrect impression that new branches
were always worse in terms of package inclusion :-)
freeze is on
Joyent -> MNX.
Welcome to 2023!
add news entry for pkgsrc-2022Q4
2022Q4 branch cut.
freeze is over
note planned freeze start
rust: fix link to projects page
quarterly: add pbulk/ccache/distcc to early freeze list
add signature from my new key
new pkgsrc-security key
rust: explain about rust-bin
rust: add pointer to project page
rust/projects.mdwn: Add list of rust projects
add 2022Q3 news
update branch name to latest
freeze over
2022Q3 freeze has started
try adding a redirect for easier visibility
quarterly: gtk3 on early freeze list
add wayland to 3/1 freeze
index; Update number of packages
Caution against 9.2_STABLE in PKG_PATH.
Change the primary name for mac to macOS, as Darwin is not really a
thing any more.
index; Update number of packages
caution against 9.2_STABLE in PKG_PATH
add 2022Q2 announcement
it's been a year and a half, but today the pkgdb change bit me again.
i doubt i'll be the last, so might as well specify the year things changed.
index: 2022Q2
Drop is-a-freeze-on-extra.mdwn
This is now redundant with freeze rules moved to [[quarterly]]
is-a-freeze-on: NO
freeze is on
quarterly: Avoid hair-trigger emojis
quarterly: Rototill symlink section
quarterly: adjust old package pruning text
recomment using "IdentitiesOnly yes" in the .ssh/config to only
use the configured key for this host
pkgdb: prettify id
pkgdb-change: Explain to pkg_add users how they got here.
pkgdb-change: Add id
pkgdb-change: Essentially require setting PKG_DBDIR
HP compiler works with --compiler hp
AIX is broken
index: Point to bootstrap/README
which has a many-tiered list of platforms, and now has a * for
non-working next to OSF1.
more caveats
make redditors happier
update branch name
announce 2022Q1 branch
fix typos
freeze is done
freeze is on
add link to pkgdb-change
add 2021Q4 announcement news
Welcome to 2022!
index: Change branch name
is-freeze => NO
quarterly: no new packages
freeze is on
Fix typo.
Reported by Alan D. Salewski in PR 56492
update some dead URLs
add 2021Q3 news
we gained a few more packages
new pkgsrc security key
Testing, 1 2 3.
update branch tag
Freeze is over
rust: tweak test syntax
librsvg implies rust, so no need to mention it.
rust: tweak
rust: tweak
rust: explain that firefox does not prove librsvg is ok
quarterly: fix URL
quarterly: adust rust description (but not date)
back off the idea tha rust is on the verge of coming off the list of
packges with a pre-freeze date. We just had a bad experience in
fix release number
freeze -> ON
rust: update after pre-2021Q3 update
rust: clarify run/build for firefox
(still very drafty)
add proposed rust testing plan
add 2021Q2 announcement
update branch
quarterly: Add symlink flipping QC
freeze is over
Link to [[quarterly]] for freeze rules.
is-a-freeze-on: YES
quarterly: add postgresql, mysql to language version changes
quarerly: drop explanation for being in the wiki
quarterly: Add gdt's rules
update IRC channel
mentoin boost bulk
quarterly: proofreading
quarterly: adjust wording about old binary packages
(this is not a substnative change)
quarterly: Note non-support for NetBSD-current on stable branches
quarterly: typo
quarterly: Fix gmake edit
quarterly: Add boost to approval-always-needed section
Clean up old boost language
no full stop here
mention pkg_chk
various updates
further limit page width
note mirrors for people who have problems with cdn
some linux distros don't default to ssh for cvs