Recent changes to this wiki:

note that general policy may require holdoff on API-breaking packages
add icu to 2/15 freeze list
Remove old test file.
update for latest branch
news for pkgsrc-2024Q1
freeze is over
freeze is on
Update link to BulkTracker.
wip: Expand commit message and git discussion
- fix typo
- warn about backwards merge commits
- advise `git log -p -1` to review commits and to `--amend` if necessary
- Rephrase commit messages in wip for Add/Update so that they are
parallel to pkgsrc norms
- Point out that wip updates for packages also in pkgsrc require
adding upstream changes
users: Try another anchor syntax
users: try to add anchor
Welcome to 2024!
fix extension on news item
add news item
index: update stable branch name
freeze: no longer
add no cleanups
2023Q4 started
re-signed using gpg2 signatures
new pkgsrc-security key
Add py-sip6 to troubled update list
wip: Be louder about COMMIT_MSG
wip/users: Suggest adding "updated prepared by" line
pkgdb-change: Fix nit in email, drop claim of future improvements
The split-brain email referred to /usr/pkg/pkgdb when it should have
said /usr/pkg/pkgdb.refcount in section 7.
Stop claiming that the script will likely be updated to deal with not
finding the refcount directory. Not only am I almost certainly not
going to do this, but I now think it's a bad idea; not finding
something is not a reliable indicator of being in an ok state without
refcount, and making the user figure it out and create and empty
directory is much safer.
flip branch example to 2023Q3
not frozen
belatedly set YES for freeze
Thanks he@ for pointing this out.
pkgdb-change: Fix formatting and admit that it's after 2020
quarterly: Drop symlink manager concept
pkgsrc-2023Q2 announcement
add 2023Q1 entry
latest branch is 2023Q2
freeze is over
The Freeze Is On. On the Street.
quarterly: Fix typo, and note new packges.
Mention that new branches sometimes have newly-added packages, and
that a package can build that did not build on the previous branch.
The text previously gave the incorrect impression that new branches
were always worse in terms of package inclusion :-)
freeze is on
Joyent -> MNX.
Welcome to 2023!
add news entry for pkgsrc-2022Q4
2022Q4 branch cut.
freeze is over
note planned freeze start
rust: fix link to projects page
quarterly: add pbulk/ccache/distcc to early freeze list
add signature from my new key
new pkgsrc-security key
rust: explain about rust-bin
rust: add pointer to project page
rust/projects.mdwn: Add list of rust projects
add 2022Q3 news
update branch name to latest
freeze over
2022Q3 freeze has started
try adding a redirect for easier visibility
quarterly: gtk3 on early freeze list
add wayland to 3/1 freeze
index; Update number of packages
Caution against 9.2_STABLE in PKG_PATH.
Change the primary name for mac to macOS, as Darwin is not really a
thing any more.
index; Update number of packages
caution against 9.2_STABLE in PKG_PATH
add 2022Q2 announcement
it's been a year and a half, but today the pkgdb change bit me again.
i doubt i'll be the last, so might as well specify the year things changed.
index: 2022Q2
Drop is-a-freeze-on-extra.mdwn
This is now redundant with freeze rules moved to [[quarterly]]
is-a-freeze-on: NO
freeze is on
quarterly: Avoid hair-trigger emojis
quarterly: Rototill symlink section
quarterly: adjust old package pruning text
recomment using "IdentitiesOnly yes" in the .ssh/config to only
use the configured key for this host
pkgdb: prettify id
pkgdb-change: Explain to pkg_add users how they got here.
pkgdb-change: Add id
pkgdb-change: Essentially require setting PKG_DBDIR
HP compiler works with --compiler hp
AIX is broken
index: Point to bootstrap/README
which has a many-tiered list of platforms, and now has a * for
non-working next to OSF1.
more caveats
make redditors happier
update branch name
announce 2022Q1 branch
fix typos
freeze is done
freeze is on
add link to pkgdb-change
add 2021Q4 announcement news
Welcome to 2022!
index: Change branch name
is-freeze => NO
quarterly: no new packages
freeze is on
Fix typo.
Reported by Alan D. Salewski in PR 56492
update some dead URLs
add 2021Q3 news
we gained a few more packages
new pkgsrc security key
Testing, 1 2 3.
update branch tag
Freeze is over