Recent changes to this wiki:

add news item for release of 2015Q2
latest stable release is 2015Q2, although announcement is not out yet
freeze over.
Link to instead of
Update to 2015Q1.
Link to rather than reproducing install docs here and
having to update every quarter.
add a link to cafepress
announce the release of the 2015Q1 branch
a freeze is off
a freeze is on
add trailing slash
change to 2014Q4
news item for 2014Q4 release
Welcome to 2015
Freeze is over
add link to bulktracker
<beefy> can someone flip the bit on that, please?
Add pkgsrc 2014Q3 news entry.
freeze done
We are in freeze for 2014Q3.
Update with the latest from
link to 2014Q2 news item
add news item for 2014Q2 release
it's 2014Q2 now
2014Q2 has been branched
freeze is on.
add news item for 2014Q1 release
We are unfrozen.
A freeze is on.
Add link to pkgsrc TODO file as well.
Add link to outdated perl packages in pkgsrc, requested by abs
Update OSX to 2013Q4.
Welcome to 2014!
latest stable is now pkgsrc-2013Q4
Mention 2013Q4 branch
pkgsrc unfrozen
another link for netbsd gnats
make notes about pkgsrc bugs being at netbsd
markdown fixes
add some more links
Freeze is on.
update to 2013, a little late I know
add test to pkgsrc wiki
freeze is done, we have a new branch
freeze is on
Add GNU/kFreeBSD link.
fix up the osx section a little
we have 2013Q2
add news item for 2013Q2
unfrozen caveman committers!
expected to last 2 weeks from today
Update to 2013Q1, add OSX/illumos binary package links.
2013Q1 released.
freeze over
add Cygwin to the list.
null commit to annotate: favicon was created by dillo.
retina-ready favicon; 32x32 is reduced without further changes,
16x16 has smaller lines in the center.
Switch to box logo.
Add freeze announcement.
freeze is on.
where are all the other files I have to touch?
might be a good idea to have a status indicator :)
2012Q4 is out (one more place to update)
attempt to clean up mess caused by attempt to clean up mess
creating index page schmonz/2006/slides/ui
creating index page schmonz/2005
creating index page schmonz/2006/slides/presentations/files/scsh-2004
creating index page schmonz/2005/slides/adrianp/ui
creating index page schmonz/2006/slides/ui/default
creating index page schmonz/2007
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creating index page schmonz/2007/slides/bad
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creating index page schmonz
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Fix typo.
add announcement for pkgsrc 2012Q4 branch
change pkgsrcCon link a bit