pkgsrcCon is the annual technical conference for people working on pkgsrc, a framework for building over 19,000 open source software packages. pkgsrc is the native package manager on NetBSD, SmartOS and Minix, and is portable across many different operating systems including Linux and Mac OS X.

Developers, contributors and users are all welcome to attend.


The pkgsrcCon 2018 takes place on Saturday () and Sunday (). On Saturday we'll start off with talks.


We'll have lunchbreaks at a convenient time between talks.

Social Event & Dinner

On we'll have a get-together with some drinks.

On after the conference we'll have dinner.

To plan accordingly please let the organizer know if you are going to attend the social event and dinner on Saturday!

Social EventFri7pm - open endTBA
Talks & HackingSat10:30 - 18:00TBA
Post conf dinnerSat19:00 - lateTBA
HackingSun10:30 - open endTBA


pkgsrcCon will be in Berlin. The exact location will be announced soon!


While the primary focus is on pkgsrc, the theme of the day is building and packaging open source software in general and the challenges we face.

Details for general attendees will be available soon but in the meantime, If you would like to present a talk on such a theme, please send the title, slot duration (minimum of 15 minutes) and a brief description (for the web site) to

Registration & Tickets

The conference is free and there are no tickets.

To help with planning it would be greatly appreciated that you let the organizer know. Send an email to and include details like:

  • When will you arrive? When will you depart?
  • In which hotel do you stay?
  • Do you need help with booking the hotel or travel?
  • Do you want to join Friday and Saturday dinner?
  • Do you want to hold a talk? On which topic?
  • Is there anything else we need to know? Special requirements of any kind?

Hotel & travel information

Getting to Berlin

Berlin currently has two operational Airports: Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF). Public transport is available.

Long distance buses arrive at the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB / Central Bus Station). Trains connect at Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof. More details can be found at wikitravel.

Getting around

Getting around in Berlin is usually easier with public transport or by bike. To navigate on mobile phones the Citymapper App can be recommended for Android and Apple devices.


Hotels and AirBnB flats are available in all price ranges.


The person mainly responsible for organisation is Thomas Merkel. If you want to help with the event, or have questions, suggestions, criticism, remarks, enquiries, praise, queries, proposals, or anything else really, please e-mail